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Should adjudge consumer when first instance of

05/01/2012 22:00 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Should adjudge consumer when first instance of

Cheap goods seeslouis vuitton outlets on the website, you consider as collected petty gain to issue order, but the businessman thinks to sell had a deficit not to deliver goods, such problem is troubled by on court after all result how? Recently, should become net " should become close child good manners of round good book 72 hours of scare buying " little activity of books sales promotion cancels order to reject to deliver goods, bring about the incident that thought of real name of collective of many 1000 consumer fors the time being, pass sessional cognizance 3 times, first 6 consumer case that shares dimension power greets first instance to adjudicate.

Sue with respect tolouis vuitton outlets stores consumer should become net 80 close child the case that books net buys the beak a contract in the activity, beijing east court of people of the city zone made first instance adjudge, advocate careful judge is sued to the first place above all when the consumer when the net Qian Xue and should shop when the network between the net contract dispute undertook adjudging. The court thinks, qian Xue and the one part order that should sign when the net, because become, do not hold water, another part order, should have affirmed when the net, because of this contract should become effective, particular court decision of the court includes as a result: Since the louis vuitton 2012 day that adjudicates become effective the Beijing inside 10 days is become the book that when the net place of consign of Xiang Qianxue of IT limited company subscribes to, but at the same time Qian Xue is become to Beijing when the net IT limited company pays money paid for something purchased or received for something sold 50 yuan. The sun that adjudicates become effective oneself rises 10 days inside, beijing is become when the net IT limited company pays communal charge 1200 yuan to Qian Xue. Finally, the court rejects Qian Xue other suit request, ask the accused and accuser load a case to accept fee respectively 25 yuan. Otherlouis vuitton outlet the court decision of 5 consumer agrees basically as a result.

Of this second case advocate dragon of careful judge prince expresses when accepting media to interview, consumer is sued should become net 80 close child the case that books net buys the beak a contract in the activity, the order problem in the center is put in two kinds of circumstances, having one part order is to should be become really after the net submitted order form in this consumer, affirmed, affirm should give out this part goods, but affirm after delivering goods, it was not sent, consumer was not received. Additionally one kind of circumstance is consumer submits this order form, but should become the net is to do not have goods really, did not affirm deliver goods, this is very normal circumstance, below this kind of circumstance, actually according to trade regular contract did not hold water, since the contract did not hold water very it's hard to say asks without the contract that establish according to the other side pays fulfillouis vuitton wallets a contract, this is unreasonable.

Because consumer is mixed, did not appear in court, at present so both sides adjudicates to first instance the result is accepted whetherlouis vuitton outlets online completely return unknown, express to whether the decision is made again after a:appellant general and party decide when the acting lawyer when net and consumer side. According to understanding of southern daily reporter, forensic first instance points out in the court decision, if both sides refuses to obey court decision, can be since the day of judgment service 15 days of indrawn this academy hand over petition for appeal, the number that presses a the opposing party is referred, press atauthentic louis vuitton outlets the same time refuse to obey a:appellant request amount of this court decision hands in a:appellant case to accept fee, appeal at Beijing court of the 2nd intermediate people, after appeal expires a:appellant case still was not handed in to accept fee inside 7 days, by nolle prosequi automatically processing.

The reporter is in collective of this second case consumer is solid the Mom of pa of main louis vuitton speedy communication space that renown thought fors the time being on the net " should become scare buying door " the discovery in the zone, "Case of 809 dimension authority, level sex wins " the card has been carried on the head by buy, numerous netizen adjudicates to first instance medium " right ' deliver goods ' the order of condition, cognizance contract holds water, should become should fulfil a contract " the view shows be inspired with louis vuitton outlets enthusiasm, netizen " little gift 2 treasure Mom " say of a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender: "No matter result how, should become this action is the foot that moved stone to break his, affect its reputation. And to consumer, we also no longer puny. We also no gucci outlets longer puny..

(Article origin: Southern journal writer: Foliaceous red)

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