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Chen Yizhou: Hold to 30 years

07/01/2012 23:50 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Chen Yizhou: Hold to 30 years

Editor's note: 2011, commissioners will " Chineselouis vuitton outlets year poineering figure " the ticket cast Chen Yizhou. Somebody sums up him so: He is a typical person that do poineering work, have high sensitivity to opportunity of new student market. But market of the commercial smell that has acumen more than the general person that do poineering work, familiar capital, at the same time can rapid to buying the business after to undertake conformity and ego adjust the key that is his get the upper hand of.

Regard Chinese Internet as the domain " veteran ", chen Yizhou of the person that do poineering work continuously is grow together in Chinalouis vuitton outlets stores with this industry rise, others has been experienced, he was experienced basically (bubble, bright financing record), and others had not been experienced, he also " try " over- : Sell the oneself company, company that buys others, and greatly small " fail " : 1000 oak are born to encounter the cold winter of SP before long, it is the winter of Web2.0 subsequently, although be driven in Chinese concept, be abroad appear on the market before two weeks when the window shuts appear on the market, the day after appearing on the market is uneasy also, the share price in cold winter glides ceaselessly, and small gain of Tecent of the person that Internet succeeds the first times and sina also still eye covetously.

But he what see cold winter of be used to, know how to keep cool-headed when fanaticism; After also knowing to err how ego undertakes adjustment, more important is, he built China with capital the rare platform in company of the 2nd acting Internet takes shape, the louis vuitton outlets store online strategic position with relatively whole business. In the check in in the winter his experience, especially important.

All the time since, chen Yizhou is regarded as by the outside " be good at capital running with integrated resource " the person that do poineering work. He once created the financing record of Chinese Internet company, he bought a large number of poineering companies and item, he still sent wall street this year, and mere after a few months, he opens up again endowment 8000 much dollars bought 56 networks. November, 72.4 million dollar of everybody company sells place to hold art dragon share, chen Yizhou earns 51 million dollar 3 years. Meanwhile, resemble a lot of China ideas same, what everybody net also experienced share price is big fall greatly. These are actually big when lacking cash the backside of financing, the crisis with the former deep person that because is to result from, one does poineering work continuously feels, the 2 accredit that are thelouis vuitton outlets online person that capital market does poineering work continuously to an Internet.

"The objective law that Internet develops is, want to encircle the ground first, then you have to have enough money. The ground is done not have, the house also does not have a lid, how to collect rent? " this is the poineering experience that Chen Yizhou sums up. After he says everybody company appears on the market, all products and project want with everybody net this platform is core. "We are to look for a seed everywhere before 2006, everywhere net, stricken later, so later main around everybody net make an issue of. So later main around everybody net make an issue of..

Allegedly, in those days Chen Yizhou and Zhou Yunfan, Yang Ning prepares to do poineering work in the United States when, 3 people had considered 3 projects: Learn Yamaxun to do electronic business affairs, but feel too burn money, abandoned; Learn inferior the letter makes communication, feel to be apart from Internet again too far. Final decision does ChinaRen. "Because the United States has a website that is called GEOCITIES at that time, do alumnus to record, develop very well, we do this with respect to the decision. We do this with respect to the decision..

For this, chen Yizhou still goes back to the motherland the Lei Jun of college fellow student that saw him. "I two it is read Wuhan university, I am fastened in physics originally, turn to the computer science department later, became classfellow with Lei Jun. " Chen Yizhou says. Two people argued in Lei Jun's car at that time one afternoon. Leiauthentic louis vuitton outlets Jun says you this project is apart from Qian Taiyuan, and Chen Yizhou says this has an outlook. Very fast, lei Jun made outstanding net, chen Yizhou did ChinaRen.

But, chinaRen does not have get over after all that " severe winter " . Look in Chen Yizhou, either the concept is too early, however at that time " the Qian Tai that does is little " . The lesson that experiences him this is, want to do poineering work, must have on the hand enough " ammo " .

Last year second half of the year, chen Yizhou discovers wall street may be being greeted new round of IPO " window period " . "We a judgement at that time is, appear on the market every time active period most a year, average half an year. If your company condition compares right word, at once ready-made, want time to arrive to go up immediately only. " also be from last year second half of the year begins, chen Yizhou begins each business in adversary to undertake tearing apart, everything prepares to appear on the market.

"Somebody haslouis vuitton 2012 been checked later, wall street point to begin to glide, begin from before everybody company appears on the market two weeks namely, this does not have the least bit relation really with us. " Chen Yizhou says.

"Catch for your client mad "

" poineering state " : What is your present poineering condition?

Chen Yizhou: Because gregarious network is a particularly large issue, when there is everybody net previously, quite anxious search everywhere. Resemble heart city playing cards now, the market sent a pair of your good card, go exchanging new card why? This card is already very good, how many person looks at be envious, go why envious others? Although prospective Internet industry has the more popular than gregarious network trade pattern that perhaps looks more bright, we also won't be gone after blindly.

I altered the write the names of the sender and the recipient on a painting of mail recently, it is so " too long 10000, seize every minute " . I change it into two words recently: One is " catch for your client mad ", regard the user as sacred, other things do not think. The 2nd is, "Invent " (Invent), had done these two businesses went, other things resemble earning money satisfaction of value of ability, company, employee is spent etc is automatical good, it islouis vuitton outlet time problem only.

" poineering state " : Are you afraid to small gain?

Chen Yizhou: Above all I feel both is different thing, anything grows certain level, grow not quite easily so fast, cannot be absoluteness, include small gain. The career with everybody long net is done not have so fast, but we always are growing. At present the activation user number of everybody net has 137 million much, active user counts the month from the beginning of the year 2000 much, go up to 37 million present. I feel this is more healthy. We do not pay close attention to other company how to be done, the SNS that cares our fact name to make only this mu 3 distribute land. We believe this ground will be bigger and bigger, and the trend that this is future.

" poineering state " : Where does your confidence come from?

Chen Yizhou: We believe, the educational rate of every generation youth is higher and higher now, next they are made to real name more accept. Contrary, the age slants big netizen, use real name to make and unaccustomed.

So, we bet two things: Thelouis vuitton wallets first, in Chinese netizen, the user that accepts rate of this three-year institution of higher learning, Yo of science and education group increasing; The 2nd, chinese netizen perhaps says whole China average income is higher and higher, everybody's time is valuable.

The time when the user is more and more valuable, we can let an user be in very short time, spend everyday for example 20 or 30 minutes, finish very businesslikely maintain gregarious relationship with hundreds of good friends, want than other communication tools businesslike. That is to say, the greatest value that actually we create to the user helps an user save time namely, let an user do him to consider the business that do inside the shortest time. The value that we create to him is greater, vendibility can be jumped over big.

" poineering state " : Before the great opportunity of others, how to keep calm?

Chen Yizhou: My individual feels, the more with small contented gain is people the demand to information, it is actually bigger to searching the pressure of engine, be in especially mobile phone terminal.

In everybody net, everybody also has the demand that shares all sorts of information, actually so we also are to be in covert the market of ground contention information. But divide this beyond, still be with sharing a few private pictures are given priority to with condition between the good friend of everybody net. This kind of thing suits inherently to move on a public network not quite, otherwise the privacy of the user even information security can give an issue. For instance, everybody net has near 1 million LBS address to locate information arises everyday now, but this mode runs very hard on small gain, because celebrity is, not be willing to publish oneself address.

So product of avery kind of has its advantage. The advantage of small gain is apparent, use easily simply, information is updated in real time, include to be able to provide the service of subscription, he grabbed the business that searchs engine even. But he is not all the thing can be done, we are same also, the thing that so we can do this only is done particularly well, some ought not to the business that you do, can look at person be envious only, we never also had wanted to want to do.

" poineering state " : Your buy the strategy, be to buy a person to still buy an item?

Chen Yizhou: I do not feel this kind of frequent act on capital, can create maximum value to the company, the company's biggest value still is in what arise in operation and innovation. When everybody company did not appear on the market, had done buy, we are not so unfamiliar to thelouis vuitton speedy use of capital. But go up from essence for, we do not think to lean purely and buy can make it a particularly successful company, this just assists a method forever.

So, to buy or be being compared motor-driven is mixed agile, the good seed of company interior has been held out now much, if can the seed with superior handle 100 percent hatch is successful, I am quite glad. Of course, if be in a few years of future, still the seed with good what can enter our law small hole, completely possible meeting does it.

The first day when buy next wants to be clear about, it is to buy a person to still buy a property after all, we are very clear when buying the network inside school, basically be to buy property, it is to buy a person next. These author do not leave. If you buy a company or the technology is for the word of this group, that must have when the design buys an item bind decided treaty, must let him leave at least 3 ~ 4 years. He has a place to earn more money, and have feeling of a kind of achievement.

" poineering state " : What is the logic before that?

Chen Yizhou: The portion bought intramural time in October 2006 already special was clear about, not clear still before. The cat attacks revolving door door when feel likely to have bit of problem. Because the portal is an old commercial pattern, we go doing seem to also do not have distinct advantage. After breaking a lot of money, seeing this way also is not completely right, attack the cat to turn again time do community. Think next, what is older than this community trade pattern, and still suit us quite?

Later, the gregarious network that real name controls appears, we were certain at a draught, think this mode agrees to will surely succeed. Because of what this success leans namely when doing ChinaRen 1999, also do not succeed without reason now. YouTube is a company of more precocious than Facebook name, its early is sold, the interest that aroused the person that broad China does poineering work so and chase after hold in both hands. I am written down very clearly, after YouTube comes out, china has 300 companies to do video website, attracted many poineering group and investment. Facebook does not have financing, also do not have what report, so everybody not quite know. And our as it happens knows this thing, be in so the competitor is not very much, came in when doing this business without too much money. The upsurge of video attracts very much poineering group, let us have a few opportunities that breath.

Begin from 2006 so, we are in all the time this respect is rapid the ground is outspread, other issues are contracting however. Include now, although look our business very complex, it is actually turn round everybody net -- net of polished glutinous rice is to belong to socialization electron business affairs, game is one changes showing tool.

Do not have a change to now from 2006, and future also won't run 5 years for certain. Had not seen what suit us already really now because of me, make the commercial pattern with gregarious larger network than everybody net and real name again. May appear, odds is very small; And whether are we caught so that live, this is another condition. The commercial pattern that these two conditions accord with, I had not seen.

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